KUYUNI Rural Tourism

A unique experience in the comunity of the Andes of Cusco. Nowadays tourism shares the experience of interacting with human groups and knowing their cultures, customs, traditions and way of life. We will visit their houses, and farm lands, wil see their animals, craftworks and traditional music. We will enjoy food made of organic natural products. CUYUNI is a community of very welcoming farmers,, with whom we will participate in entertaining and colorful activities.


Daily departure:Duration: about 06 Hrs.

We will leave Cusco early in the morning, and will drive on the road to the South Valley, among villages and spectacular landscapes. On the road, we will visit the village of Andahuaylillas, known for its temple named the "Sistine Chapel of America", inside which we will see artworks of great historical and artistical value. We will enjoy a moment to enjoy ourselves with the monumental paintings, the impressive altar, the fine work of artistically carved wood covred with gold leaves, the roof entirely decorated with flower paintings polychrome and gold-colored, and splendid ornaments
We will continue our journey until we arrive at the entry point to the interoceania freeway, on which we will ascend as far as 3,700 masl, near the sky, and we will delight in admiring the most spectacular landscape of the valley, the snow-capped mountains from which we will appreciate an impressive landscape. After an-hour-and-a-half drive, we will arrive at CUYUNI. Our experience begins in the higher part of the village, where musicians, dancers and the community authorities will welcome us.
We are going to enjoy a unique learning experienc, on diverse aspects of the farmers everyday life, walking through the farm lands, among trees and flowers, wheat, broad beans, and potatoes. They will show us their ancestral rites and customs, and we will participate in a ceremony with coca leaves.
We will visit the farms to see animals such as lamas and alpacas, and observe the breeding of guinea pigs. The people of this community are great artisans. They produce textiles and ceramics; the drawings and shiny colors are spectacular. We will participate in a fabric demonstration, using old techniques.The community young people have studied cooking and are excellent cooks. They have a welcoming restaurant, in which we will savor a delicious lunch with natural, fresh and good quality ingredients. In the affternoon, after a invigorating coffee, we will go back to Cusco.

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