Gastronomic Tour

PERU was chosen as the best culinary destination on the planet, during the World Travel Awards, due to the diversity, savor and quality of its food. This is the country which has the highest number of typical dishes (more than 500), due to the fusion of the culinary traditions of ancient cultures in Peru like the ones that came from Europe and other latitudes, leading to an exquisite and unequalled mixing. Cusco shows not only important historic and cultural appeals, but is also the perfect place to appreciate a maravellous culinary experience. Indeed, this is where the major part of the ingredients that have now flooded the entire market are produced. We will enjoy a tour to taste the flavors and aromas of that destination, go to the market, know the products, talk to the vendors who are always nice, listen to the sounds and the din of balances, buyers, and atmosphere of a traditional placer, buy products and participate in a seminar that will leave us great lessons.


Departure :Monday to Saturday, at 09 a.m. Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

We will leave the hotel to go on an entertaining walk, among squares and paved streets. On the way, we will visit the CHOCOLATE MUSEUM, and will discover its history and cultivation in Peru. We will see how the different types of chocolate bars and truffles are made: a whole experience. After a short walk, we will arrive at the Inca's magic and medicinal SACRED PLANTS MUSEUM, unique in the world. In its rooms, we will appreciate ancient chamanic and herbalist traditions, plants that feed and heal.We will also learn more about the vegetal richness and millenary therapeutic traditions in South America.
Our tour will continue through San Francisco square. We will walk under the much-touted San Pedro arch in the Roman style, and along Santa Clara boulevard, until we arrive at SAN PEDRO MARKET, one of the oldest and most emblematic markets in the city, which has been designed by Eiffel.
In the loud activity of the local buyers, we will know the diversity on natural and fresh products. Among coffee beans, flowers and colored-fruits aroma. We will buy the ingredients we will need for our cooking session. Our vehicule will then take us to the place where our chef will explain us something about the local cooking, its evolution, and the traditional ingredients. We we learn how to make a traditional Pico Sour, the most important drink of Peru, before learning step by step how to cook a traditional dish. We will all participate in the cooking.
After our cooking lesson, we will be able to savor the result of our experience.
We will then head for a traditional restaurant, located in the high part of the fortress, from which we will appreciate an amazing view of Cusco and savor traditional dishes.
Trip back to the hotel.