Our team is constituted by professionals involved in our service. It is able to reinvent and design itineraries that turn into existential experiences, for our customers enjoyment.




Be nationally and internationally recognized as the different, friendly and professional Company in Cusco, creator of unique experiences.
We are hosts offering our customers unique moments to turn their visit into an unforgettable experience through the style, distinction and quality of our personalized attention.
We constitute a professional team very involved, with a passion for excellence. We stand out due to our quality and the genuine attitude of our service. We promote constant initiative and renewal, and show social and environmental responsibility.

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Tito Alarcon Rodríguez, Graduated of San Antonio Abad University Tourism Program in Cusco-PERU, With Management specialization in Dallas, Texas, USA. He has worked as a manager at Viajes Via. He was the GSA manager and sales agent in Cusco for American Airlines, General Manager in Cóndor Travel SA. Cusco Office. His industry experience includes a labour in several important touristic organizations such as Cartuc, Apotur, AATC, DMO (Destination Management Organization), Member of World SKAL Club. Tito is also a professional business consultant with the Seminaris Consulting Group in Cusco. Professor in important Universities and Touristic Training Centers. He is currently manager and director of Inka Ways Travel Consultants. His experience has confered him the possibility to travel extensively in and out of Peru.

"At Inka Ways, we try to have our own personality, fleeing verticality and managing to enrich our touristic offers with local incorporations, without leaving aside the thematic, innovative and creative proposals. We conceived this project trying to orientate ourselves towards a distinguishing model, with a maximized quality and the appropriate level to combine it with a particular care for detail."

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Rosy Núñez Vivero, gratuated from the San Antonio Abad University, with a master in Touristic Management and wide experience in the administrative field. She has worked as a manager for the Tour Operator Unitours, Turi Reps Turismo y Representaciones, manager at Cóndor Travel, head of Nethouse Peru, professor in universities and technical training centers for Tourism. She is currently head of Inka Ways Travel Consultants and manager for corporative finances. Her personality and liking for the fields of strategic running, administrative management and group work, have allowed her to manage big success for the Company.
She is also in charge of managing good practices and Social Responsibility within the Sustainable Tourism excursions promoted by the company.
"The new tendency goes towards the best quality, the appropriate level to combine particular care for detail, and a nice and close-to-our-customers treatment."

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Miguel Steve Alarcon, After working at Cenfotur Lima, he finished studying in Grand Canary (Spain), and then gratuated in companies running, and started to design new products for hotels and travel agencies, which gave him the opportunity to actively participate in the design of excursions for corporate customers and incentive trips. He is now operations manager at Inka Ways. His youth allows him to give an impetus to the operative department, to get good results in the care given to our customers. He is responsible for running the quality management system and to improve the process of the company.
"Our best strategy is to anticipate the facts, foresee every process and guarantee quality."

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Anghela Barrios, Tourism professional, gratuate of KHIPU, an important training center specializing in tourism. In the course of those years, she has become an expert in the field of sales, and her experience has allowed her to handle corporative accounts for important clients. She is in charge of the External and Internal Tourism programs, and she is currently supervising the bookings department, and is responsible for the contact with our suppliers.
She is coordinator of the comercial field and of the representation of Crillon Tours (our partner in Bolivia) in Peru. She looks after the excursions and tours to this important destination.

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Yosep Flores, Graduate of the Touristic Management and Guides course of the Túpac Amaru Institute of Technology, is a tourism enthusiast who has always had a liking for working in the field. He acts in various fields within the company, which has allowed him to acquire experience.
He now takes up his position as the person in charge of the traffic and programming fields. He is also involved as a transfer person His experience in the operative field and in the care to customer has allowed him to run important operations.

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Alain Ccori, Graduate from the Universidad Andina in Cusco, he is part of our team as a guide in Machupicchu. He can speak Spanish, English, French and Japanese. Alain has shown his professional quality by caring for important clients from different sectors, in particular for clients on an incentive trip or of interests groups.
His experience as a guide in the fortress has turned him into one of the expert and knowledgeable professionals in the area.

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