CUSCO is an important destination. Its impressive cultural background, its natural spaces and the stunning diversity of landscapes and villages turn this place into one of the most exquisite of PERU and Latin America. Without a doubt, its history, traditions and customs stand out. The presence of the Inka culture has marked its personality, and its heritage is now part of the experience of those who come to Peru. Welcome!
PERU, attracts the travelers who have a real soul of discoverers and spirit of adventure, for its diversity and variety. The experience stands out in each visited place, and leaves a lasting impression over the time. The magic of Cusco comes down to its energy as the axis or center of the Andean universe.
THE TIME HAS COME to share what is mystic, ceremonial, sacred, spiritual, as well as the Andean cosmovision, for they all are part of the soul of this village. The contact with history, ancient cultures, their customs, the folklore, turn this destination into an exquisite and very varied country.
THE SIGNIFICANCE of a trip lies in the quality of the experience, visiting little-known places, the contact with the living nature, gloomy forest, the mother and deep jungle . . . They all make us reflect to understand and realize that life does exist. It is not about looking at it with indifference, but to make compromise in order to preserve it. This is the essence of sustainable development. Let's share the responsibility. . . Let's do responsible tourism!
PART OF THE MAGIC consists of understanding the profundity of the Andean cosmovision, the Salkantay, Ausangate, and alike in the Sacred Valley. They are tutelary gods and protect the people walking in their surroundings. Let's live the experience to go into this world, so discreet and transcendental. . . A place to discover! Welcome. . .
THE INKAS managed to build a fabulous stone city, between mountains of greenness that are the jungle and the mountain range. The place where archaelology and nature join, a bastion of the Andean culture, a refuge for biodiversity.. Knowing it is an experience that goes beyond mere contemplation. This means discovering and getting closer to the heritage of one of the important civlizations of the planet. Machu Picchu, spiritual center and "lost city of the Inkas."


Inka Ways, is a destination management organization, based in Cusco, PERU. We specialize in designing quality touristic products. Our competitive advantage is that we live on site, and have a good knowledge of the destination; we know every corner and every place of our territory, so this would be a great opportunity for you to discover and know the country. We have been a Tour Operator since 1998, which has meant big success, pleasant experiences and, the most important of all, happy customers.

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"emotions build"

We like to plan every detail, provide personalized attention, act in the interests of our customers to make them happy. Our goal is to inspire passion, provoke emotions, give added value to any service we provide and make sure our customers will want to come and see us again for a new experience. Peru is an exquisite, friendly and full-of-contrasts country. Cusco is a magical destination, which is fascinating and captivating Thank you for being part of this experience. Welcome!!!.