Choquequirao - Machupicchu 8 Days - 7 Nights

The region is delimited by two very deep canyons, the Apurimac canyon and the one of Willcamayu. In their valleys, flow very wide rivers that, with time, have been part of the geography and beauty of this place offering a lot of cultural remains and much history.


Daily departure:

Day 1: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisca
We will leave the hotel very early to arrive at the village of Cachora (2,850 m/ 9,350 f) to meet our staff and guides as well as the horses that will carry the equipment, tents and food for our crossing.
We will continue our trip to the Capuliyoc pass (2,800 m/ 9,186 f). During the tour, beautiful landscapes will catch our sight and accompany us during the hike, and we won't lose sight of the deep canyon and the Apurimac river.
We will go down to the lower part of the canyon named Chiquisca (1,930 m/ 6,332 f), where we will spend the night in our camp.
Climate: warm / Duration of the hike: 7 hours
Day 2: Chiquisca - Playa Rosalina - Marampata - Choquequirao
After breakfast, we will go down to La Playa Rosalina (1,550 m/ 5,085 f). From there, we will go to Marampata (2,850 m/ 9,350 f), from where we will have a beautiful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3,033 m/ 9,951 f). Our camp is located 25 minutes away from this place.
Climate: cold and warm / Duration of the hike: 7 hours
Day 3: Choquequirao – Río Blanco
On that day, we will appreciate the tranquility of this magical place, among the fortifications, streets, buildings, terraces and squares. We will continue our hike climbing towards the Choquequirao pass (3,270 m/ 10,728 f), walking through an archaeological zone named Pinchaunuyoc (2,450 m/ 8,038 f). From this point, we will come down as far as the river-bed, known as Río Blanco (1,900 m/ 6,234 f) or Río Silvestre. We will camp there.
Climate: warm with mosquitos / Duration of the hike: 6 hours
Day 4: Río Blanco - Maizal- San Juan pass - Yanama
That day will be a difficult one due to the complexity of the ground. We will relax in Maizal (3,000 m/ 9,843 f) for a short rest, and to get our breath without stopping to appreciate the sight of a beautiful landscape. After a several-hour journey, we will arrive at San Juan (4,170 m/ 13,681 f), a pass in the middle of the Andes, from which we will be able to appreciate the great view of the valleys, the mountains and the glaciers, some of which reach more than 5,000 m/ 16,404 f. We will camp in the village of Yanama (3,530 m/ 11,581 f).
Clima: cálido y frío con mosquitos / Tiempo de caminata: 5 horas
Day 5: Yanama - Yanama - Totora pampa
Temprano en la mañana, nos dirigiremos hacia el paso más alto de este viaje - Yanama (4670m). Si tenemos suerte vamos a poder ver Cóndores. Durante la caminata del dia, disfrutaremos con frecuencia la vista de las montañas cubiertas de nieve como el Salkantay (6264m) y Pintuyu (5450m). Hoy nuestro campamento será en el valle de Totora pampa (3200 m).
Climate: warm with mosquitos / Duration of the hike: 8 hours
Day 6: Totora pampa - La Playa
In Totora pampa, we will have the opportunity to know Andean people who speak Quechua and live on agriculture and stockbreeding. The vegetation on the way becomes rarer and rarer and reveals the diversity of orchids, bromelias and other native species. We will also see a few coffe, papaya, passionfruit and avocado plantations. On that day, we will camp in La Playa (2,100 m/ 6,890 f) or in Lucmabamba (2,020 m/ 6,627 f).
Climate: warm with mosquitos / Duration of the hike: 7 hours
Note: In accordance with the group wishes, it is possible to change the itinerary and visit the Santa Teresa thermal springs (1,830 m/ 6,004 f).
Day 7: La Playa - Llactapata - Hydroelectric power station - Aguas Calientes
Our trip will begin early in the morning. We will follow the Inca trail as far as Llactapata (2,650 m/ 8,694 f), an archaeological site with remains of Inca buildings and from which we will be able to have a view of the Machu Picchu mountain. Our trip continues towards the hydroelectric power station (1,950 m/ 6,398 f), from which we will take the train towards the village of Aguas Calientes (2,050 m/ 6,726 f).
Accommodation in a local hotel.
Climate: warm / Duration of the hike: 6 hours
Day 8: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco
On that day, we will leave early after breakfast (5:30 a.m.) and will go up to the Machu Picchu (2,400 m/ 7,874 f) by bus. After a guided tour through the important places of the fortress, we will have time to wander around the site. We will then go down to Aguas Calientes to have lunch (not included), and will have time to visit the hot baths of the village. At a convenient time, we will take the train back to Cusco. Transfer to your hotel.
Duration of the hike: 2 hours


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