BOLIVIA ...Great Destination.

Bolivia is the last AUTHENTIC country in South America. In only one destination, visitors experience its supreme splendor, rich legacy, a mosaic of cultures and its dramatically diverse topography; but as wondrous as any of these is the warmth and hospitality with which the smiling Bolivian people greet visitors.

Emerging from blue sapphire waters and surrounded by the Royal Range of the Andes, the “Sacred Lake of the Incas” has been always one of the most important life sources of the Andes, impelling the development of many ancestral cultures. A most fantastic experience is to meet authentic cultures living as they did thousand of years ago, close to Mother Nature, without challenging or hurting her; to walk in the solitude of the islands; to enjoy the hospitality of our natives and to learn from their traditional life. The Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca is a joy for everybody who explores its sacred waters and its hidden treasures.


Day 1
  • Overland journey from your hotel in Puno to Copacabana in Bolivia; visit the shrine & town
  • Hydrofoil Cruise Copacabana / Moon Island. Visit Iñak Uyu - Sun Virgin’s Temple
  • Continue to Sun Island, visit Pilcocaina Sun Temple. Llama Trek on Inca Trails to your hotel (45 min)- lunch
  • Dinner and overnight at Posada del Inca Eco-Lodge
  • Day 2
  • Morning at leisure- Visit the “Grand Inca Stairs” and Sacred Fountain.
  • Lunch at Uma Kollu archaeological & panoramic restaurant. (Exclusive)
  • Return to Copacabana by Hydrofoil or motor boat
  • Overland trip from Copacabana back to your hotel in Puno in Peru
  • DAY 1: Overland journey from Puno to Copacabana, located at the shores of Lake Titicaca. Once in Copacabana, visit the shrine and the Dark Indian Virgin. Hydrofoil cruise to Moon Island, visit the Sun Virgins Temple “Iñak Uyu”. Continue to Sun Island, to visit the Pilcocaina Sun Temple. Enjoy a Llama trek to the hotel. Lunch upon arrival; the afternoon is at leisure to explore the bucolic surroundings. Dinner and overnight at the Posada del Inca Eco Lodge

    DAY 2: The morning is at leisure. Around noon visit the Inca “Grand Stairs” and the Sacred Fountain; taste the water believed to give eternal youth and happiness. Lunch at the Uma Kollu archaeological Restaurant; Visit the small handicraft market. Hydrofoil cruise to Copacabana and overland journey back to your hotel in Puno.

    Uyuni Salt Lake

    The otherworldly Uyuni Salt Lake in Bolivia, the largest on Earth comprising miles and miles of dazzling white nothingness, has been selected as the first wonder of the world by “Rough Riders” magazine and named as the number one surrealistic landscape in the world by the Spanish newspaper “El País”.  Active volcanoes, hot springs and a palette of color-splashed lakes populated by hardy flamingos punctuate these landscapes of blindingly bright salt plains and stunning deserts…The sound of silence makes the heart beats faster and the surreal pentagons of crystalline salt will make you feel that there are no other places like this in the whole world.

    The experience of total freedom is hard to find in the current rushed times. Looking the unlimited miles of dazzling crystalline salt pentagons of the Uyuni Salt Lake from Crillon Tours comfortable Campers, is just something you will never forget. The night at a deluxe Airstream Camper is a matchless multidimensional experience which generates an inner satisfaction, a rendezvous with yourself at this -out of this world- landscapes of Uyuni - the largest Salt Lake of the world..

    PROGRAM UYUNI 3 Days 2 Nights

    DAY 1

      • Transfer to the airport for your flight to Uyuni. Pick up from the airport
      • Full day excursion of the Uyuni Salt Lake & Isla Pescado including lunch
      • Dinner and overnight in Deluxe Airstream Camper at the Uyuni Salt Lake

    DAY 2

      • Excursion to Jirira village at the foot of Thunupa Volcano and Coquesa Mummies. Box lunch included.
      • Dinner and overnight in Deluxe Airstream Camper at the Uyuni Salt Lake

    DAY 3

      • Transfer to the airport for flight to La Paz. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.


    • Day 1:Transfer to the airport of La Paz for your flight to Uyuni; pick up from the Airport and start a visit to Uyuni Salt Flats, the largest on earth, located on the Bolivian Andean Altiplano with 12.000 square Km; the Bolivian Andes offer stunning sceneries which can be hardly matched. The sound of silence makes the heart beats faster and the surreal pentagons of crystalline salt, the pure sky, the color lagoons, the cacti and the flamingos, certainly makes you feel that there is no other place like this in the whole world. Visit Isla Pescado, also called "Incawasi", an oasis with formations of algae and fossils, covered by thousands of giant columnar cacti, some of over a hundred years old, growing to a height of over 12 mtrs. The landscape against the background of the salt pans extending to the horizon makes it an ideal place for photography hunters. Lunch included Dinner and overnight in our exclusive Deluxe Airstream Camper at the Uyuni Salt Lake.
    • Day 2:Enjoy a full day excursion to the small village of Jirira at the foot of Thunupa Volcano. Stroll through the village and hike to the cave of the Coquesa Mummies. Lunch included. Dinner and overnight in our Deluxe Airstream Camper at the Uyuni Salt Lake
    • Day 3:Transfer to the airport for your flight back to La Paz; upon arrival, transfer to your hotel.


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